Derq's award-winning and patented smart infrastructure AI platform helps cities and fleets tackle the most challenging road safety and traffic management problems. It is powering the future of connected and autonomous roads, making cities smarter and safer for all road users and enabling the deployment of autonomous vehicles at scale.

Derq's platform aggregates data from different sources including traffic sensors, signal controllers and connected infrastructure, then runs real-time edge analytics to enable infrastructure perception and V2X/5G applications as well as actionable safety and traffic insights.

Derq Platform

  • Real-time advanced analytics
  • Hardware agnostic — compatible with a wide range of sensors, traffic controllers, and V2X technologies
  • Robust and modular design


Powered by Derq's Platform, this edge-based solution provides real-time infrastructure-based analytics for off-board cooperative perception and traffic management applications.

  • Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) applications for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)
  • V2X messages generated with ultra-low latency and high positional accuracy
  • Adaptive traffic management based on observed safety events
  • Smart pedestrian crosswalks
  • Pre-emptively alert nearby vehicles


Powered by Derq's Platform, Derq INSIGHT provides real-time identification and classification of safety events such as near-misses, collisions, violations, and pedestrian and cyclist compliance issues.

  • Safety insights
  • Traffic insights
  • User-friendly web-based dashboard
  • Flexible setup using a variety of methods