We all recognize the importance of reflectivity on the signs and safety devices that line our Highways and Roadways and the value it serves to the motoring public.

The Solution – TraffiCalm™ Flashing Sign Systems that field retrofit onto almost any existing sign.

Basic System

Basically awesome
Radar Compatible
24/7 or Scheduled Operation
Power Options
Wi-Fi Setup

Advanced System

Radar Compatible
Device To Device Sync
Power Options
Connected Vehicle Ready

Push 2 Cross

20W Solar Kit / 10Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery or AC Power Supply
BDSP-014 Bull Dog III Push Button
PBF9X12-X 9″x12″ Push Button Frame
9″ x 12″ “Push Button to Turn On Warning Lights Signs”
30″ or 36″ LED Flasher Ring for Warning or Pedestrian Signs
30″ or 36″ W11-2 Pedestrian Crossing Sign (Yellow of FLYG)
30″ or 36″ S1-1 School Crossing Sign (Yellow or FLYG)

Curve Warning System

Intelligent Solar Charging to maximize available sunlight
3000′ Wireless Collaboration for sequencing around any curve
Ultra dense LED panel maintains MUTCD Chevron shape even if LEDs are damaged
Solar engine, flashing control, collaborating radio all unified in a single box
Full configuration utility accessible via Wi-Fi, no download required

Flashing Sign System Chevron

Product Datasheet (PDF)

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Conflict Intersection Warning System

100 ms wireless response time
1000’ (300m) detection range
Detection in all weather conditions
Universal mounting brackets
No specialized tools required for installation
Nema 4X Rated Enclosure
Sealed, maintenance-free batteries


Product Datasheet (PDF)

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Road Conditions Warning System

System alerts vehicle operators or pedestrians of hazardous icy road conditions by locally or remotely flashing Warning Signs.
Provides surface temperature and air temperature measurements that will collectively be used to maximize detection accuracy.
Flashing Sign Systems are triggered directly from a Non-Invasive Road Surface Condition Sensor.
Can be used to trigger other signs within a configured network.

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