In the later portion of 2016, the City of Frisco, Texas, began the transition from an older school beacon control system to the new Applied Information school beacon monitoring system.  GLANCE is the cloud-based software that the City is utilizing to monitor their first 60 school beacons using the Applied Information -070- unit.  The City Staff, lead by Chris Keahey, installed over +45 units using their own in-house technicians, after a quick training session with Keith Higgins, the Paradigm Traffic Technical Manager.  Frisco has allocated funds for 60 more units in 2018, and the final 60 units in 2019.  In the fourth quarter of 2017, the City looks forward to sharing the new phone app developed by Applied Information to communicate real time information to the motorists.   Thanks to the City of Frisco Engineers and Technicians for moving forward with this program.