Alpha Battery Backup

In any broadband network, outside plant installations are the front line of defense from wind, rain, ice and lightning. With more than 40 years as the broadband powering industry standard, Alpha provides the ideal solutions to keep your broadband communications systems alive.

Alpha has provided specialized uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for more than 40 years. With impressive backup power capabilities, integrated generators, dual power grid switching and enhanced battery thermal management, an Alpha CableUPS ensures improvement in the overall efficiency and reliability of a broadband network.

Alpha FXM-HP

Designed to operate in extreme environments for reliability and maximum flexibility while ensuring critical loads remain protected and running

  • High-res color touchscreen LCD display with configurable information tabs for quick system status and overview
  • Comprehensive graphical user interface for configuration
  • Built-in web pages provide a wealth of information
  • Integrated USB host for local firmware upgrades, configuration updates, system backup, restoration and cloning
  • Up to 6 users with configurable access rights
  • User configurable alarms, custom data and advanced equation editing
  • Optional Analog Digital Input Output (ADIO) device for monitoring via a single IP interface

Alpha FXM 1100

  • Revolutionary traffic signal controller, large seven-inch color TFT LCD display
  • Wide range Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) lengthens battery life by providing protection without transferring to backup mode during voltage surge or sag
  • Better outdoor readability than any other controller on the market
  • Independently programmable control and report dry contacts allow monitoring and controlling of key functions
  • Temperature compensated battery charging extends the life of the battery
  • Local and remote monitoring and control via RS232 port and Ethernet SNMP interface*
  • UPS panels can be rotated, improving usability
Alpha FXM 1100
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48" Outdoor Traffic BBS Enclosure

  • Traffic grade aluminum enclosure protects battery backup power systems from outdoor elements
  • Various mounting options (including pole-mount) provide a flexible solution for traffic applications
  • Large sun shield reduces solar heat load inside the cabinet
  • Thermostat controlled fan and louvered vents ensure reliable operation in high temperatures
  • 180° stainless steel piano hinged door with two locking open positions makes internal component installation and maintenance easy and convenient
  • Three-point latching mechanism with Corbin Type 2 lock (or optional Best lock) for maximum security
48" Outdoor Traffic BBS Enclosure
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48" Outdoor Traffic BBS Enclosure
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AlphaCell XTV Batteries

The AlphaCell XTV Battery line is specifically designed for extreme outdoor temperature applications. Its virgin lead-alloy grids minimize corrosion and maximize life expectancy.

Patented Computerized Charge/Discharge System (CCDS) provides 100% out-of-box runtime capacity. Strategic global manufacturing and distribution locations available with non-spillable transportation ratings. Optimized for remote advanced status monitoring.

  • Extreme temperature Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology
  • Significant cold temperature performance improvement
  • Options for all network architectures
  • More runtime from smaller sized battery
  • Extended service life for outdoor enclosures
  • Full 5-year replacement warranty
AlphaCell XTV
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AlphaCell XTV
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AlphaCell XTV
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