Government and Quasi-Government Agencies

Local traffic management center

The heart and soul of Paradigm Traffic Systems is our focus on customer service to cities, counties, states, federal agencies, tollway authorities, and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). Mobility and efficiency of moving motorists and pedestrians safely through streets and highways controlled by these agencies with the very best equipment is our focus, as is supporting these organization's efforts in their communities.

The local agencies are the front line for the motorist and pedestrian in many areas of the state. From city and county elected officials, to the ever-important traffic signal technician, the local agencies' maintenance and technological advancement of traffic safety products is absolutely necessary. A local agency focuses on many aspects of their transportation system, including traffic signal and ITS design, construction, and maintenance. Another function of the agency is following MUTCD guidelines with signs, markings, and signals to reduce incidents on their thoroughfares and side streets.

On the state level, our D.O.T. customers are responsible for the engineering and construction design plans of traffic control devices, roadway illumination, traffic signal operations and maintenance, analyzing speed zone requests, and analyzing crash-related data. The state DOTs have a pivotal role in supporting programs such as Vision Zero and Road to Zero missions which focus on reducing and hopefully eliminating pedestrian and motorists' safety encounters to zero fatalities.

Federal military bases are also crucial for Paradigm Traffic to sell and support our products and services. Several military installations have traffic signal operations onsite, with their own personnel on base to support and maintain that infrastructure.

Toll road authorities have a major footprint in moving large volumes of traffic using a fee-based system for use of the roadway. This can help speed construction of new or redesigned roads. Toll operators operate much like a business and still have a focus on safely and reliably moving their customers from point A to point B. Toll agencies provide an option for the motorist and tend to meet a growing need for expanded transportation infrastructure.

The Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are a valuable group for not only Paradigm Traffic, but for the agencies they represent in their regions. Federal allocations of budgeted money are distributed through the local MPO to the state and local agencies. Regional input by MPO representatives assists in making the distribution of funds as effective and efficient as possible. Supporting any solution for local issues or information requests is a focal point for us.