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Applied Information connects intersection controllers, preemption systems, school beacons, road signage, and more into an easy-to-use web-based application.

Glance Smart City Supervisory System™

Glance shows you the status of your complete network. The cloud-based platform provides unparalleled access to key performance indicators so you can easily analyze and create valuable reports.

  • Simple to deploy and easy to maintain, Glance allows for low friction delivery and connection of your ITS devices
  • Reduce downtime and improve response times by knowing the location and status of each unit before sending service personnel
  • Self-configuring communications alleviate the need for costly and time consuming manual configuration
  • Device unit detail
  • Instant status change notifications are delivered via SMS/Email when exception events occur so you are aware of any changes to the network

Preemption and Priority Systems

The Preemption and Priority Systems builds on top of the Intersection and Mobile modules. The system seamlessly combines cellular, radio transmission, and GPS technology into one easy-to-use tool. Enhanced GPS with dead reckoning mitigates any low signal areas.

  • Supports transit priority capable controllers to keep signals in coordination
  • Monitors traffic cabinet status & health including AC power, BBS battery, Conflict Monitor, fan status, remote power cycling, and much more
  • Redundant communications supporting both 900MHz radio (2) and cellular communication (1)
  • Adaptive preemption
  • Simple to configure priority and preemption zone using map-based configurator
  • Integral battery back-up for power fail reporting
Next Generation Priority and Preemption
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Next Generation Priority and Preemption
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School Zone Flasher Beacons Monitoring

Equipped with a simple-to-use interface, cities can easily view and control school beacon flashers and their schedules from anywhere. Using the AI-500-070 School Beacon Timer Switch with Glance, we support advanced scheduling, scenarios, and override. Speed feedback systems can provide 85th percentile speeds to verify the speed in your pedestrian safety zones.

  • Increased confidence in system performance with automated and continuous monitoring and reporting without the need for costly inspections
  • Instant status change notification via SMS/Email when battery is flat, charging stops, power is lost, and even when beacons have failed
  • Make schedule changes or manually activate one or all beacons from your desk or smartphone with immediate effect
  • Works with both AC and solar flashing beacons
  • Reduced downtime and improved response rates by knowing the location and exact status of each unit before sending service personnel
  • Retrieve traffic stats without sending personnel to the site
School Zone Flashing Beacons Monitoring
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School Zone Flashing Beacons Monitoring
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Connected Vehicle Solutions

The Applied Information Connected Vehicle System simplifies and enables communication with C-V2X, DSRC, 4G LTE cellular communication, and 900MHZ. In addition to this, the Applied Information system leaves a modem slot open for future 5G, to ensure compatibility going forward.

  • Emergency response
  • Intersections
  • Transit
  • School beacons
  • Crosswalks
  • SPaT / MAP

Connected Traffic Cabinet Systems

Monitor all your traffic intersection cabinet equipment and their data easily. Glance provides pass-through communications for third party traffic signal control systems, so any current systems will continue to work just as before. Data includes incoming AC power, battery back up, cabinet flash, stop time, conflict monitor status, door switches, fan status, vehicle detectors and more.

  • Supports cellular passthrough communication to any cabinet controller, including video streams and remote front panel access
  • Wirelessly access your signal controllers from any web-connected device, including smartphones, tablets, or computers with Glance
  • Simple to install, and the units configure themselves automatically - no more costly and time-consuming manual configuration
  • Applied Information's cabinet monitoring system provides text and email alerts based on criteria you set, so you are instantly informed of problems
  • Reduce downtime and improve response rates by knowing the location and exact status of each unit before sending service personnel
  • Field Monitoring Units support over-the-air updates and allow for upgrades to preemption & priority technology, connected vehicle software, and more
Traffic Intersection Systems
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Parking Solution

The Glance Parking Module is the perfect parking guidance system for citywide parking solutions and parking facilities. Information from parking facility systems display parking information on electronic signs throughout your city. Glance Parking also connects to single space parking space sensors that detect the presence of a vehicle and illuminate the space with red and green light to show availability.

  • Quicker parking allows customers to shop longer
  • More efficient driving routes mean greener parking with reduced CO2 emissions in the parking structure
  • Increased revenue from usage of every parking bay, even during peak times and seasons
  • Reduce fraud with audits of parking revenue — you'll know exactly how long each bay is occupied
Intelligent Parking Guidance System
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ITS Systems

Applied Information has a deep understanding of the management needs of traffic systems. Our team has experience in managing intersections, variable message signs, beacons, speed control signs, parking guidance systems, environmental sensor stations, and many other transportation devices.

  • Over-height detection system
  • Glance Weather: micro-climate monitoring and alerting
  • Glance QuickLook CCTV technology
  • ITS cabinet monitoring and control systems
  • Real time road condition reporting
  • OBD-II Port for vehicle monitoring
Glance ITS System
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Glance ITS System
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Glance ITS System
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Glance ITS System
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Glance ITS System
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Glance TravelSafely™

Glance TravelSafely™ is a smartphone application developed by Applied Information that uses cutting edge technology to make the promise of connected vehicles a reality. Harness the power of connected vehicle technology to make your city smarter, and your citizens safer.

  • SPaT/MAP display of signal timing
  • Emergency vehicle getting through the signal
  • Where is the emergency vehicle coming from?
  • Motorist–cyclist communication
  • Motorist–pedestrian communication
  • Rear end collision warning
  • Virtual/advance traffic detectors
  • Red-light running at traffic signals
TravelSafely™ app
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Mobile Vehicle Monitoring

All Applied Information technology is applicable to vehicles as well. In this way we monitor snow plows and mobile weather stations, and provide engineering solutions to manage a variety of transportation challenges.

  • Low cost Internet connectivity solution
  • Compatible with Glance platform
  • GPS and cell modem enabled for mobile position tracking
  • Local data storage, supporting store and forward schemes when offline
  • Real time clock supporting scheduling applications
  • OBD-II Port for vehicle monitoring
Glance mobile vehicle monitoring
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