Since 2009, Centracs® has led the industry in providing advanced transportation management solutions for over 340 customers across North America, controlling over 57,000 signalized intersections.

Centracs® MOBILITY

Centracs Mobility is our collective solution for transportation systems needs and is comprised of our on-premise solution (Centracs) and our cloud-based solution (Mobility). Centracs Mobility affords agencies incredible flexibility in deployment while delivering the most functionality in the industry.

  • Rich data analytics
  • Uses high-resolution data capabilities
  • Facilitates the development of performance-based operational and maintenance strategies
  • Basic intersection status display and remote database access
  • Enables uploads and downloads of optimized signal programming to locally-connected traffic controllers
  • Automates data reporting, analytics, and monitoring for Autoscope Vision sensor systems
  • Captures and leverages high-resolution data collected by these sensors
Centracs Mobility
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Centracs® CCTV

Centracs CCTV module is an enterprise-class IP video surveillance solution that enables the visual monitoring of intersections and roadways. Centracs CCTV provides seamless management of digital video across IP networks, including supplying video feeds to a traffic management center (TMC), police, and fire departments.

  • Advanced Traffic Management System Module for Centracs ATMS
  • Camera licenses (contact Econolite for a list of supported cameras and encoders)
  • Client video software
  • Installation, on-site integration, and testing
  • On-site training
Centracs CCTV
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Centracs® MMS (Maintenance Management System)

Centracs® Maintenance Management System (MMS) is a centralized Geographic Information System (GIS)-based asset management, maintenance, and technician support software solution.

  • Asset management and asset life-cycle history ATMS Module
  • Dispatch scheduling and on-call notification planning
  • Create, dispatch, schedule, prioritize, and track trouble tickets & work orders
  • Real-time location-based equipment tracking and reporting
  • Location-based storage and retrieval of drawings manuals and other documents in many industry-standard formats such as Word, PDF, etc.

Centracs® SPM (Signal Performance Measures)

Centracs® Signal Performance Measures (SPM) provides incredibly rich data analytics tools by building from the high-resolution data capabilities of modern controllers. Web hosting allows access from any place, on any platform, at any time.

  • Provides SPM measure charts, user-selectable data parameters, and user-definable performance metrics comparisons.
  • Offers time-strapped traffic engineers "state-of-the-art" analysis tools, allowing more efficient and effective use of their limited time.
  • Transforms qualitative and quantitative data into actionable information.
  • Data collection is continuous to signal management and operations.
Centracs SPM
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Centracs SPM
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Centracs® Edaptive

Centracs® Edaptive is Econolite's cloud-based adaptive signal control system which optimizes signal cycle, offset, and splits in real time using high-fidelity 1/10th-second resolution data.

  • Adapts to changes in traffic as they happen, i.e., weather, construction, and major events
  • Increased flexibility with existing stop bar detection
  • Reduces or eliminates costs of manual traffic counts
  • Provides new levels of mobility and safety
  • Increases agency benefits when using Centracs SPM data
Centracs Edaptive Module
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