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Paradigm participates in Houston TxDOT Connected Vehicle Summit

February 22, 2024

HOUSTON, Texas - Paradigm Traffic Systems was honored to be involved with the Houston TxDOT Connected Vehicle Summit. Working closely with Steve Chiu and Ugonna Ughanze of TxDOT and our partners at Applied Information, attendees got to see firsthand several on-street applications of C-V2X. The real-time demonstrations of receiving notifications in the vehicles proved that C-V2X is happening today and will be the future for safer operation of motor vehicles and increasing pedestrian safety.

Over 120 attendees took part in the vehicle demonstrations, which included school zone safety, virtual detection capabilities, TravelSafely cell phone applications, pedestrian crosswalk alerts, emergency vehicle alerts, preemption, and work truck zone warnings.

With the help of Haas Alert's RAM truck and Applied Information Tesla cars, passengers were able to receive real time C-V2X alerts for the above scenarios. Attendees' experience of the technology in real life scenarios will aid them in starting the advancement and implementation of C-V2X elements into their own agency's traffic safety practices.

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