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Smart City technology reduces traffic congestion & improves emergency response in Tyler

July 28, 2023

TYLER, Texas - Hear from the Tyler Traffic Engineer, Traffic Dept. staff, firefighters, and Mayor Don Warren about the benefits Tyler, Texas has seen from implementing new smart city technologies, including emergency vehicle preemption, school beacon monitoring, new software systems (Applied Information's Glance and Econolite's Centracs ATMS), and new Cobalt traffic signal controllers, all with sales, support, and installation from Paradigm Traffic Systems. Tyler is seeing immediate "on street" benefits, such as a 25-32% reduction in wait times in various locations and the ability of firefighters to take the most direct routes to an emergency. City staff are also preparing for connected vehicle technologies. Traffic Engineer Cameron Williams was even honored as a "Friend of the Tyler Fire Department" for his work in demonstrating the effectiveness of the new Applied Information emergency vehicle preemption system on one of Tyler's most traffic congested roadways.

Applied Information said "Paradigm [Traffic Systems, Inc.] played a crucial role in implementing our advanced technology, including the Glance system, in Tyler. This partnership has empowered the city to monitor and control traffic more efficiently, ensuring safer and quicker routes for its citizens."

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